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Emissions Recall #7631 & #7632

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1994 through 1996 model year Ram (BR) trucks with a GASOLINE engine and:

The Vapor Canister may allow charcoal to migrate from the canister to the purge solenoid and into the engine.  In addition, the migrating charcoal may plug the purge solenoid, which may cause driveability complaints and illumination of the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL). To correct this condition, the canister and the solenoid must be replaced. Aprox 635,000 vehicles are affected.

If your vehicle is registered in California, this recall MUST be performed prior to re-registration in California.  The servicing dealer MUST provide a VEHICLE EMISSION RECALL PROOF OF CORRECTION FORM (#81-016-1053) upon completion of recall #8002 for use a proof in renewal of the vehicle registration.

1  Vapor Canister
1  Purge Solenoid

 A. Replace Vapor Canister and Purge Solenoid:

  1. With the Ignition key OFF, disconnect the battery   NOTE: To enhance customer satisfaction, note the radio settings and reset the radio, clock, etc when service is completed.
  2. Remove air cleaner assembly from the throttle body
  3. Disconnect the vapor purge hose from the engine throttle body (Fig 1)
  4. Disconnect the Purge solenoid electrical connector (Fig 2)
  5. Disconnect the vacuum hoses from the purge solenoid (Fig 2)
  6. Remove and discard the purge solenoid (Fig 2)
  7. Raise the vehicle on a hoist
  8. Disconnect the vacuum hoses from the vapor canister (Fig 3)
  9. Remove and discard the vapor canister (Fig 3)
  10. Disconnect the vapor hose from the fuel tank rollover valve (Fig 4)
  11. With compressed air, thoroughly clean the cannister-to-rollover valve hose and the canister signal hose (94/95 model year only)  NOTE: The evap system must be free of all loose carbon particles or the new purge solenoid may become stuck in the open position
  12. Install the new canister assembly in the bracket. Rotate the canister until the hose fittings are horizontal (Fig 3). Tighten the bolt to 95 in-lbs
  13. Connect the vapor hoses to the canister (Fig 3).
  14. Connect the vapor hose to the fuel tank roll over valve (Fig 4)
  15. Use compressed air to thoroughly clean the purge solenoid-to-throttle-body vacuum hose
  16. Inspect the throttle body purge port. Insert a thin wire into the purge port to make sure there are no carbon particles present
  17. Connect the purge hose to the throttle body (Fig 1)
  18. Install new purge solenoid (Fig 2)  NOTE: the 1996 solenoid is marked "up" on the housing to denote proper orientation. Be sure it is properly positioned.
  19. Connect vacuum hoses to the purge solenoid (Fig 2)
  20. connect the purge solenoid electrical connector (Fig 2)
  21. Install air cleaner assembly
  22. Connect the battery cable
B. Install An Authorized Fuel Modifications Label:
For California Vehicles, complete the information on the label in Fig 5 and attach the label near the VECI label

C: Complete Proof of Correction Form:
Complete a Vehicle Emission Recall Proof of Correction Form and supply it to the vehicle owner.

Thanks to Bob Bergevin for supplying this Recall information.

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