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Recall #778

Front Brake Rotors
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Models: 1998  Ram 1500 2 wheel drive BR/BE trucks with RWAL brakes and built: Discussion:
The front brake rotors on the above may have been made from material that is out of specification.  This may cause cracking around the wheel mounting area and result in wheel separation.  To correct this problem the rotors must be inspected and replaced if necessary.  [when you see one of these rotors they look like S**T!]  Aprox 900 vehicles are affected.



A.  Inspect Front Brake Rotors

  1. Raise the vehicle on a hoist.  NOTE: do not lock the steering column so that the front wheels can be turned by hand
  2. Check the date code on the back side of each front rotor through the splash shield window (Fig 1)
  3. If the date code on ONE or BOTH rotors is 287, Replace the rotors. If neither rotor has a 287 code, no further action is necessary.  NOTE: If there is no date code or if the date code is illegible, the rotor must be replaced.
B.  Front Brake Rotor Replacement
  1. Remove the front tire and wheel assembly
  2. Remove the caliper mounting bolts with a 3/8" hex wrench (Fig 2)
  3. Rotate the caliper rearward off of the rotor and out of the steering knuckle support ledges (Fig 3).
  4. Secure the caliper to a convenient chassis or suspension component with a tie wire.
  5. Remove the grease cap that covers the cotter pin and hub nut (Fig 4)
  6. Remove cotter pin (Fig 4)
  7. Remove locknut cage from the wheel bearing adjusting nut and then remove the adjusting nut, thrust washer, and outer wheel bearing (Fig 4)
  8. Remove the brake rotor assembly from the spindle (Fig 4)
  9. Remove the inner grease seal by gently tapping on the inner bearing with a wooden dowel. Discard the grease seal (Fig 4)
  10. Remove the inner wheel bearing from the rotor assembly (Fig 4). Discard the rotor assembly.
  11. Repack the wheel bearings with Mopar high temp bearing grease. Apply grease to the bearing races in the new rotor as well.
  12. Install the inner wheel bearing assembly into the new rotor assembly (fig 4).
  13. Install the provided grease seal onto the new rotor assembly. Use a seal driver or wooden block to avoid damaging the new seal. (Fig 4)
  14. Apply a liberal coating of bearing grease to the spindle, the interior of the rotor, the hub seal lip, and the spindle seal surface.
  15. Install the new rotor assembly onto the spindle.
  16. Install the outer wheel bearing, thrust washer, and bearing adjusting nut (Fig 4). Tighten the nut only enough to remove end play at this time.
  17. Clean the caliper and steering knuckle slide surfaces with a wire brush (Fig 5)
  18. Apply a coat of silicone grease to the slide surfaces (Fig 5)
  19. Install the caliper over the rotor and seat it on the steering knuckle mounting arms (Fig 5)
  20. Start the caliper mounting bolt and tighten them to 38 ft-lbs (51 Nm) (Fig 2)
  21. Repeat steps above for other rotor if needed
  22. Install the wheel and tire assembly(s). Snug the lug nuts but DO NOT tighten at this time.
  23. Adjust the wheel bearings by rotating the wheel and fully tightening the bearing adjusting nut to seat the bearings
  24. Loosen and tighten the bearing adjusting nut again while rotating the wheel
  25. Continue rotating the wheel and back off the adjusting nut until the wheel end play is no more than 0.001" - 0.002" (0.025 - 0.051 mm)
  26. Install the locknut cage on the adjusting nut and then install the provided cotter pin. The adjusting nut can be tightened slightly to align the cotter pin holes if necessary. Verify that the wheel bearing adjustment is still within specifications
  27. Install the hub nut grease cap
  28. Tighten the wheel lug nuts to 95 ft-lbs (130 Nm)
  29. Repeat for other side if necessary.
  30. Lower the vehicle
  31. Apply the brakes several times to seat the shoes and caliper piston. Do not move the vehicle until the brake pedal is firm.

Thanks to Bob Bergevin and Barry Drodge for supplying this Recall information.

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