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Recall # 799

Reprogram Engine Control Module For Engine Speed Increase

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1998 Model Year Ram (BR/BE) trucks equipped with a 5.9L Cummins 24 valve diesel engine ("6" in the 8th VIN position) built at the: Problem:
The engine control module (ECM) on 30,000 of the listed vehicles may cause the engine speed to increase unexpectedly if an erroneous crank position sensor signal is received. To correct this condition, the ECM software must be updated (reflashed).

To correct this condition, the ECM software must be updated (reflashed).

The ECM software which is loaded during the recall procedure also includes any other ECM updates which may have been released (i.e. TSB's) between the date of manufacture and the issuance of the TIL CD update which was used.

NOTE: The Mopar Diagnostic System is required to perform the ECM flash. The system must be operating with release 21 or higher and TIL CD RELEASE 1169 or higher must be installed.

Type or print necessary info on the "Authorized Software Update" label (fig 1) and attach it to the ECM. Cover the label with clear tape. 
Type or print the following information on the Authorized Modification Label and attach the label near the VECI label (fig 2). 

Time allowances are:

Additional notes:
IMPORTANT: Some of the vehicles may be in dealer inventory. Federal law requires completion of this recall on these vehicles before delivery. This also applies to all applicable used vehicles in inventory, and vehicles brought in for service.

Thanks to Bob Bergevin for supplying this Recall information.

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