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Safety Recall 835

Coil Spring Tower Reinforcements

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Date: March 2000

Models: 1994-1995 (BR)

NOTE: This recall applies only to the above vehicles equipped with a 5.9L diesel or an 8.0L V-10 engine ("C" or "W" in the 8th VIN Position) built through:

IMPORTANT: Some of the involved trucks may be in dealer used vehicle inventory. Dealers should complete this recall service on these trucks before retail delivery. Dealers should also perform this recall on trucks in for service. Involved trucks can be determined by using the DIAL VIP System.


The front suspension coil spring towers on about 65,000 of the above trucks may crack and separate from the frame. If this occurs, the rear brake tube can be severed, resulting in a partial brake system loss and increased stopping distance. The increased-stopping distance can cause an accident without warning.


Both front coil spring towers must be inspected for cracks. Trucks without cracked towers must have a coil spring tower reinforcement bracket welded onto each existing coil spring tower. Trucks with a cracked right and/or left coil spring tower must have the cracked coil spring tower(s) replaced in addition to welding on the reinforcement brackets. All welding must be performed by a qualified welder.

Alternate Transportation

If inspection determines that coil spring tower replacement is required and the truck must be held overnight, dealers should attempt to minimize customer inconvenience by placing the owner a loaner vehicle.

Parts Information:

A:    Coil Spring Tower Reinforcement Bracket Package (required for ALL trucks)

Part Number               Description
CBGR8351               Coil Spring Tower Reinforcement Brackets
Each package contains the following components:
Quantity         Description
     1               Right side coil spring tower reinforcement bracket
     1               Left side coil spring tower reinforcement bracket

B:    Plastic Rivets

In addition, each vehicle may require up to 18 plastic rivets (P/N 34201631) to attach the right and left wheelhouse liner

C:    Coil Spring Tower (Trucks with a Cracked Coil Spring Tower)

Part Number Quantity    Description
C83R8352        1          Coil Spring Tower - Right or Left Side

Service Procedure:

The service procedure is a 264 kB file (includes 16 figures). Download it only if you have a fast connection.

Owner Notification and Service Scheduling
All involved vehicle owners known to DaimlerChrysler are being notified of the service requirement by first class mail. They are requested to schedule appointments for this service with their dealers. A copy of the owner notification letter is attached. Enclosed with each owner letter is an Owner Notification Form. The involved vehicle and recall are identified on the form for owner or dealer reference as needed.

Vehicle Not Available
If a vehicle is not available for service, let us know by filling out the pre-addressed Owner Notification Form or describe the reason on a postcard and mail to:

Parts Return:    Not required

Additional notes:

From Star Center News September 2000:

Trucks that are snowplow equipped with either a Meyer's or Western brand snowplow may require revised parts from the snowplow manufacturer.

There are two different types of welding required in this recall.

Gas Metal Arc or MIG welding as it is more commonly known, is a process that uses argon/C02 gas to shield the welding arc from oxygen during the welding process.

Flux Core Arc Welding is another form of are welding that utilizes the MIG welder but requires a different type of welding wire that is tubular and contains a different type of flux that burns while the arc is present. The burning flux creates it's own shielding gas. Because the flux creates it's own shielding gas, no argon/CO2 gas is required.

Flux core arc welding wire can be used in any MIG welder without the addition of a shielding gas.

Thanks to Bob Bergevin for supplying this Recall information.

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