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Safety Recall #C10

Side View Mirrors

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Date: March 2003

Models: 2002 (DR) Dodge Ram 1500 Pick-up Truck

NOTE: This recall applies only to the above trucks equipped with manual side view mirrors (sales code GPU) or power side view heated mirrors (sales code GTS) built built at the:

IMPORTANT: Some of the involved vehicles may be in dealer new vehicle inventory. Federal law requires you to stop sale and complete this recall service on these vehicles before retail delivery. Dealers should also consider this requirement to apply to used vehicle inventory and should perform this recall on vehicles in for service. Involved vehicles can be determined by using the VIP inquiry process.


A retainer in the side view mirrors on about 173,000 of the above vehicles may separate and allow the mirror(s) to rotate out of position. This can cause a loss of rearward vision and result in an accident.


A mirror retainer package must be installed in both side view mirrors.


A. Mirror Retainer Package

Part Number    Description 
CBN1C100     Mirror Retainer Package

NOTE: One mirror retainer package will repair two mirror assemblies.

Each package contains the following components:

Quantity    Description 
2     J-Hook
2          Plastic Retainer
2   Nut
2   Lock Nut

Each dealer to whom vehicles in the recall were invoiced will receive enough Mirror Retainer Packages to service about 10% of those vehicles.

B. Thread Locker

Part Number    Description 
04318032     Mopar Stud N’ Bearing Mount Adhesive

NOTE: One tube of adhesive will repair approximately 10 vehicles.

Service Procedure:

1.    Lower both front windows.

2.    With the mirror glass tilted in the downward position, place a plastic trim stick or equivalent between the bottom of the mirror glass and the mirror housing (Figure 1). Apply a twisting motion to the trim stick to “pop” the mirror glass upward and disengage the mirror glass from the mirror adjuster head.

3.    Carefully remove the mirror glass from the adjuster head, disconnect the heated mirror wires (if equipped) and set the mirror glass aside.

4.    Disengage the three (3) tabs that hold the back cover of the mirror to the mirror head (Figure 2).


5.    Remove the back half of the mirror cover from the mirror head to expose the mirror head retainer and mirror post (Figure 3).

CAUTION: There is a small hidden back cover retaining nub on the inside edge of the mirror cover (Figure 3). Use care when separating the back cover to avoid breaking the retaining nub receiver slot.

6.    Apply Mopar “Stud N’ Bearing Mount Adhesive” (PN 04318032) or equivalent to the threads of one of the supplied J-hooks.

7.    Assemble the new mirror retainer as shown in Figure 4 using the nut with the spinning washer.


8.     On mirror heads where the retainer has not separated from the mirror post, insert the J-hook through the post on the mirror base so that it hooks under the base (Figure 5). Using a torque wrench, tighten the J-hook nut to 35 in. lbs. (4 N·m).
  On mirror heads where the retainer has separated from the mirror post, insert the J-hook through the retainer and the post on the mirror base so that it hooks under the base (Figure 5). Align the original retainer clip and slowly tighten the nut on the J-hook. Carefully guide the original retainer onto the post of the mirror base while tightening the nut on the J-hook. Using a torque wrench, tighten the nut on the J-hook to 35 in. lbs. (4 N·m).

CAUTION: Verify that the plastic cap is properly seated into the mirror post and do not over tighten the J-hook nut, damage to the mirror base may occur.

CAUTION: On vehicles equipped with power mirrors, the wire harness must be routed through the channel provided on the new plastic retainer. Make sure the J-hook does not pinch the mirror wiring harness.

9.   While holding the nut on the J-hook with an open-end wrench, install the lock nut with the nylon patch onto the J-hook. Tighten the lock nut to 40 in. lbs. (5 N·m).

10. Snap the back cover onto the mirror head.

CAUTION: Verify that all the retaining tabs, including the hidden nub (Figure 3), on the back cover are fully engaged (Figure 2).

11. If equipped, connect the heated mirror wires to the mirror glass.

12. Place the mirror glass onto the retaining studs on the mirror adjuster head.

13. Place a plastic trim stick between the mirror glass and the top of the mirror housing (Figure 6). Using a twisting motion on the trim stick, engage the mirror glass to the mirror adjuster head.

NOTE: A snapping sound will be heard when the mirror glass retainers are fully engaged.


CAUTION: Verify that the mirror glass is fully engaged onto the mirror adjuster head by lifting up on the mirror glass.

14. Clean any finger prints from the mirror glass and housing.

15. Repeat steps 2 through 14 for the mirror on the other side of the vehicle.

NOTE: Both mirror assemblies must have a retainer installed.

Completion Reporting and Reimbursement

Claims for vehicles that have been serviced must be submitted on the DIAL System. Claims submitted will be used by DaimlerChrysler to record recall service completions and provide dealer payments.

Use the following labor operation number and time allowance:

   Labor Operation Number   Time Allowance 
Install mirror retainer package    23-C1-01-82 0.4 hours

Add the cost of the recall parts package plus applicable dealer allowance to your claim.

NOTE: See the Warranty Administration Manual, Recall Claim Processing Section, for complete recall claim processing instructions.

Parts Return: Not applicable.

Dealer Notification and Vehicle List:

All dealers will receive a copy of this dealer recall notification letter by first class mail. Two additional copies will be sent through the DCMMS, and Dealer Connect/MDS2 will be updated to include this recall in the near future. Each dealer to whom involved vehicles were invoiced will receive a list of their involved vehicles. The vehicle list is arranged in Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) sequence. Owners known to DaimlerChrysler are also listed. The lists are for dealer reference in arranging for service of involved vehicles.

DIAL System Functions 53 and VIP:

All involved vehicles have been entered to DIAL System Functions 53 and VIP for dealer inquiry as needed.

Function 53 provides involved dealers with an updated VIN list of their incomplete vehicles. The customer name, address and phone number are listed if known. Completed vehicles are removed from Function 53 within several days of repair claim submission. To use this system, type “53” at the “ENTER FUNCTION” prompt, then type “ORDC10”.

Owner Notification and Service Scheduling

All involved vehicle owners known to DaimlerChrysler are being notified of the service requirement by first class mail. They are requested to schedule appointments for this service with their dealers.

Enclosed with each owner letter is an Owner Notification Form. The involved vehicle and recall are identified on the form for owner or dealer reference as needed.

Dealers are encouraged to consider alternative scheduling and servicing approaches for this recall. This repair does not require hoists or other full service facility special equipment and is a DaimlerChrysler Mobile Service approved repair.

I would like to thank Bob Bergevin, Arthur Cantrall, Barry Drodge, David Lovell, Bill Maurits, and Steve for supplying the information for these bulletins. And a big thank you goes to Geno's Garage for making possible.


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