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Safety Recall No. D42

Reprogram PCM - OBD Calibration

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Date: October 2004

Models: 2004 (DR) Dodge Ram Truck (1500 Series)

NOTE: This recall applies only to the above vehicles equipped with a 4.7L flex-fuel
engine (“P” in the 8th VIN position) and a Federal emission control system (sales
code NAA) built at the St. Louis North assembly plant (“J” in the 11th VIN
position) from October 27, 2003 through April 14, 2004 (MDH 102722 through

IMPORTANT: Some of the involved vehicles may be in dealer new vehicle
inventory. Dealers should complete this recall service on these vehicles before
retail delivery. Dealers should also perform this recall on vehicles in for service.
Involved vehicles can be determined by using the VIP inquiry process.


The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) on about 670 of the above vehicles (Zero in
International markets) was inadvertently programmed with incorrect software. This
can cause the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) system to malfunction.


The powertrain control module must be reprogrammed (flashed) with the correct
OBD calibration.

Parts Information:

Due to the likelihood that the required labels are already in your parts inventory, no
labels will be distributed initially. The following label may be ordered as needed.

Each vehicle requires application of the following label:

Part Number       Description
04275086AB Authorized Modifications Label

Service Procedure:

A. Reprogram the PCM:

The DealerCONNECT System, DRB III (Diagnostic Readout Box scan tool),
CH7000A flash cable and CH7035B data cable are required to perform this
repair. Do not attempt to perform the flash procedure using an outdated
CH7000/CH7001 flash cable.

NOTE: Whenever a controller is reprogrammed, the software in the DRBIII
scan tool must be programmed with the latest revision level available.

NOTE: If the flash process is interrupted or aborted, the flash should be
restarted and then follow the directions on the DRBIII scan tool.

The reprogramming procedure requires access to software and equipment that most owners do not have. The very long and involved programming procedure will not be posted here. To see the specific instructions, you can obtain or view a copy of this Recall at your dealership.

Due to the PCM flash procedure, Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) may be
set in other modules (ETAX, BCM, MIC, SKIM, ABS, ORC) within the
vehicle (if so equipped). Some DTC’s may cause the Malfunction Indicator
Light (MIL) to illuminate. All of the DTC’s relate to a loss of
communications with the module that is being flashed. Check all modules,
record the trouble codes, and erase the trouble codes...

NOTE: Erase any DTC’s in the PCM only after all other modules have had
their DTC’s erased.

B. Install the Authorized Modifications Label:

1.   Type or print (with a ballpoint pen) the recall number, dealer code and date on the Authorized Modifications Label (Figure 1).

2.   Attach the label near the VECI label and then close the hood.



Completion Reporting and Reimbursement

Claims for vehicles that have been serviced must be submitted on the
DealerCONNECT Claim Entry Screen located on the Service tab. Claims submitted
will be used by DaimlerChrysler to record recall service completions and provide
dealer payments.

Use the following labor operation number and time allowance:

    PCM Update Previously Performed          08–D4–21–81      0.2 hours
    Reprogram Powertrain Control Module    08–D4–21–82       0.8 hours

Add the cost of the label, if necessary, plus applicable dealer allowance to your claim.

NOTE: See the Warranty Administration Manual, Recall Claim Processing Section,
for complete recall claim processing instructions.

Vehicle Lists, Global Recall System, VIP and Dealer Follow up

All involved vehicles have been entered into the Global Recall System (GRS) and
Vehicle Information Plus (VIP) for Distributor/Dealer inquiry as needed.

GRS provides involved Distributors/Dealers with an updated VIN list of their
incomplete vehicles. Completed vehicles are removed from GRS within several
days of repair claim submission.

Distributors/Dealers must perform this repair on all unsold vehicles before
retail delivery. Distributors/Dealers should also use the VIN list to follow up with
all owners to schedule appointments for this repair.

Owner Notification and Service Scheduling

All involved vehicle owners should be notified of the service requirement by their
Distributor/Dealer. Owners are requested to schedule appointments for this service.
A sample copy of the owner notification letter is attached.

If you have any questions or need assistance in completing this action, please
contact your International Service and Parts Manager.


Dear: (Name)

DaimlerChrysler has determined that some 2004 model year Dodge Ram Trucks may be in
violation of emission regulations. These regulations were established to protect the public health
or welfare from the dangers of air pollution.

The problem is...
The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) on your vehicle
(VIN: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) was inadvertently programmed with
incorrect software. This can cause the On-Board Diagnostic system to

What your dealer will do...
DaimlerChrysler will repair your vehicle free of charge (parts and
labor). To do this, your dealer will reprogram your vehicle’s Powertrain
Control Module. The work will take about an hour to complete. However,
additional time may be necessary depending on how dealer appointments
are scheduled and processed.

What you must do...
Simply contact your dealer right away to schedule a service appointment.
Ask the dealer to hold the part for your vehicle or to order it before your

If you need help...
If you have trouble getting your vehicle serviced, please contact the
DaimlerChrysler Distributor nearest your location. A representative will
assist you in getting your vehicle serviced. This information can be found
in the Customer Assistance section of your Owner’s Manual.

If you have already experienced the problem described above and have paid to have it repaired,
contact the DaimlerChrysler Distributor nearest your location for reimbursement procedures.

We apologize for any inconvenience but trust that you understand our interest in clean air. Thank
you for your attention to this important matter.

International Service and Parts
DaimlerChrysler Corporation
Notification Code D42

I would like to thank Bob Bergevin, Arthur Cantrall, Barry Drodge, David Lovell, Bill Maurits, and Steve for supplying the information for these bulletins. And a big thank you goes to Geno's Garage for making possible.


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