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Customer Satisfaction Notice #770

Diesel fuel heater relay wiring
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No. 770 issued April 1998 - Diesel fuel heater relay wiring.

models: 1998 BR/BE (Ram) trucks with Cummins diesel engines built through:

symptoms: The diesel fuel heater wiring circuit MAY be missing from the PDC (power distribution center) and cause the fuel heater to be inoperative. This could result in low engine power, hard starting or a no start condition in colder ambient temperatures. To correct this condition, aPDC wiring jumper and a cartridge fuse must be installed.

1   CED07700  Fuel heater relay wiring jumper package w/
      1 wiring jumper, 1 40A cartridge fuse, and 1 relay circuit holder.

repair procedure:
A. Inspect for Fuel Heater Fuse

  1. Remove PDC cover.
  2. Inspect the PDC for the presence of a 40A cartridge fuse in cavity 7 (fig 1).
  3. If the fuse is NOT present, a fuel heater wiring jumper and a cartridge fuse must be installed. Continue with section B.
  4. If the fuse is present, replace the PDC cover and return the vehicle to the customer.
note: If you are not sure if this is you, open the PDC cover and look for a 40 amp cartridge fuse in cavity #7.  Cavity 7 is located in the two rows of 6 each locations running vehicle side to side in the PDC and includes heavy fuses for heavy draw equipment.   Cavity 7 is the location on the passenger side of the row and in the row on the right as you lean over the fender and look.  If the fuse is NOT PRESENT, you need to see your dealer.

Section B instructions are long, and should be done by the dealer so they have not been posted.

Thanks to Bob Bergevin for providing this bulletin

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